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The Westgate Community Foundation

The Westgate Community Foundation is a 501c3 charitable organization whose mission is to support improvements to the Westgate Community, including Westgate Pool. 

As you may know, our Pool has had some challenges in the past few years as equipment ages and we strive to attract new members.

We believe that as we make improvements to the pool, our membership numbers will increase allowing us to continue our contribution to the neighborhood, providing a safe and fun activity for our kids a better summer experience for all of us.

Making a tax deductible contribution to the Westgate Community Foundation is a great way to help us in this effort.  If you are able, please consider helping the pool in this way and encouraging others to do so.

Please click the link below to visit the Westgate Community Foundation's PayPal donation page. 


On the final screen, below your contribution there is an option to "Add a Note".  Be sure to type Westgate Pool in this field so that your funds are specifically earmarked for the pool.


Your contribution is appreciated and please spread the word!

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